Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sunterra News and AGM News

Santa Barbara Golf and Chess Club

A super sized chess board has been installed at Santa Barbara Golf and Ocean Club to attract the more cerebral guests staying at the resort in Tenerife.

Raffle at Kenmore

Housekeepers at Kenmore recently ran a raffle for children's charity Rachel House. Raffling unused items left behind by Sunterra members raised £60 for the charity which provides specialist respite, terminal care and bereavement support for families with a child / young person who is not expected to live into adulthood. Well done to the team.

Bright future at WSBC

White Sands Beach Club can look forward to a bright future after a new lighting system was fitted in reception. A few other minor adjustments in the foyer of our resort on the island of Menorca will ensure guests enjoy a sparkling reception every time.

2006 AGM

This year's AGM is to be held on the 28th of June at Southampton Football Club. This is the first time since 1999 that the AGM has been held in the South of Country so hopefully this will attract members who haven't been able to get there previously due to the locations.

Resort Committee Vacancies

There are vacancies for resort committee members at Santa Barbara (Frank Seaman the existing committee member is offering himself for re-election) and Cromer Country Club (New Position) this year, if you would be interested you need to be a fully paid member of Club Sunterra, you must have either stayed at the resort twice or you
must have previously been a fixed or floating time member.

The details of this vacancy and how to apply for it is available on the Sunterra Website by following this link
Committee Member Details

Member Director Vacancy

There is also a vacancy for Member Director this year as John Davey has come to the end of his first term, John is offering himself up for re-election but again Sunterra are advertising the post on their website and you can read details of this position and what it entails by following this link
Member Director Details

Tony Pearce

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