Thursday, March 16, 2006

Warnings Scam Resale Companies Calling Members!

As you know I have issued warnings about scam resale companies phoning our members and am pleased to say that as well as including a warning on their home page, Sunterra have now introduced a method for you to report these calls when you get them.

If you log in to the Sunterra Website and go to the Help & Contact link and click on Contact Us there is now an option for "Reporting Suspect Traders". If you receive any of these scam phone calls or are unsure then please do report them to Sunterra using this form so that they are more aware of the problem.

Remember there are NO COMPANIES out there that can sell your points for you! All they are after is several hundred pounds from you up front, after which you will hear nothing and receive nothing from them. Up to which point when they actually get hold of your money, they will promise you the earth and can be incredibly believable and sound really kosher but take it from me they are just trying to steal your money so get what information you can write it down and report it to Sunterra.

Finally everyone should take the time to read the warning from me in the Points Forum on the website.

Tony Pearce

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