Thursday, April 20, 2006

Second highest “kamikaze” chute in the world

When Europe’s largest water park opens in December 2006, Tenerife will have the second highest “kamikaze” chute in the world and, experts predict an upsurge in tourism as tourists flock to the south of the island to experience the thrills and wonders of Siam Park.

Located just outside the vibrant resort of Playa de las Americas, this 50 million Euro development promises to wow visitors whatever their age. Built to reflect the magic of the old Kingdom of Siam the park will feature the ornate architecture of the Far East and an abundance of some of the most exotic flora on the planet.

Like its sister theme attraction – Loro Parque – in the north of the island, Siam Park will showcase some of the wonders of the animal kingdom. Big hunting cats, sea lions, crocodiles, aquariums, aviaries and all manner of exotic fauna will be housed in and around the park’s 180,000 square metres.

There will also be a white sand beach with artificial waves to attract the surfers as well as an adrenaline junkie’s dream – the second highest “kamikaze” chute in the world. Wild thrills also include tornado rides and a number of white knuckle installations to keep the extreme adventure seekers happy. There will also be some more sedate river rides for those who just want to sit back, relax and take in all the amazing animals and vegetation.

All this and more seems set to make Tenerife’s south a popular choice for tourists and according to one source at the government office tasked with promoting tourism in the Canaries: “It won’t just be foreigners who enjoy this themed attraction. According to our surveys, local people will be prepared to travel from all over the archipelago in order to enjoy this ground breaking experience”.