Thursday, August 17, 2006

I found this company for getting your holiday currency and thought I would share it with you. They were so impressed with all the Sunterra members using the site they have now given me my own page hope you like it.

They offer fantastic rates and deliver to you on your chosen date as long as you book at least 15 days in advance. I ordered our Euros for our trip to Ireland on the 26th of August and got €1.4501 Euros to the pound. It has gone down to €1.4401 now but if you can order 51+ days in advance they are offering €1.4601 Better than anyone else I have found and NO Commission.

It is it US dollars you need the 15+ days price is $1.8401 and the 51+ days price is $1.86.01

I hope this proves to be of use to you.