Monday, February 19, 2007

Website and Sunterra News

A couple of members have reported problems accessing certain pages on the
website, I have finally got to the bottom of this and it seems this is
happening when you log in to the wrong page. It is really important that
the page you bookmark for the website is

as long as you include /members you will have no problems accessing any of the site. You can always tell if is the right homepage as the correct page has a blue background whilst the wrong home page background is white.

A bit of news about the sale of Sunterra, it seems there are now just 3
companies currently carrying out their due diligence prior to making an
offer for Sunterra Europe. All three companies are private companies
rather than a public one like Sunterra which I think will make life a lot
easier for all of us as they can get on with things without having to
worry about the SEC or reporting everything to shareholders.

All three companies have resources that they want to invest in the resorts
and I am told that they intend to run Sunterra as a separate company rather
than merge it with anything the currently own, at least in the short to
medium term. This should mean that we won't see too many changes when the
deal is done. This deal is expected to be completed in the next eight
weeks! As I get more information I will obviously let you know.