Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monarch baggage pricing review

Following a recent review of our pricing policy, we are writing to inform you that we will shortly be implementing a charge for the carriage of hold baggage on board scheduled flights with Monarch. The charge will apply to all bookings made from 19th September 2007 for flights departing from 1st November 2007 onwards.

As an airline we incur baggage handling costs for hold baggage and it is now common practice amongst airlines to charge for hold baggage, in order to keep flight prices as low as possible.

We recognise that many of our passengers do take hold baggage when flying with us, so we have made the process of selecting and paying for bags as easy as possible and given you a choice of when you make payment.

Save up to £6 per bag by paying for hold bags online!
To save time and money, you can make payment online as part of your flight booking, or through the online 'change' or 'check-in' functions. The charge for online payment is £3.99 per bag, per one way flight. Each passenger can take up to 5 bags in the hold with a total weight of up to 20kg per passenger (up to 30kg for Silver & Gold members).

Alternatively you can opt to pay through our call centre at £8 per bag, per one way flight or when you reach the airport, paying £10 per bag, per one way flight.

Hand baggage goes for free!
You can avoid paying for bags altogether by carrying hand baggage only. For no charge, you can take up to 10kg in a single bag measuring up to 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Visit the 'Baggage' page on flymonarch.com for more details.

Avoid the bag charges by booking today!

We have also taken the decision to remove priority baggage for Vantage Club members. Due to increasing airport operational complexities this service has become difficult to deliver, therefore we have taken the decision to remove it.

We look forward to welcoming you on board a Monarch flight soon.

Kind regards

The team at Monarch

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Message from Stephen Cloobeck Chairman of Diamond Resorts

Dear Member,

As you know, since Diamond Resorts International® purchased Sunterra I have been conducting a review into the member usage and relative costs of the European Resort Collection with two purposes in mind: to reduce, if possible, the operating costs; and to increase member choice.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I am now able to offer Broome Park Mansion House apartments, situated within the Grade I listed hall, for reservations. Broome Park has always been an immensely popular UK destination, especially for the golfers amongst the membership, and so having more availability here will be a great benefit. Further information about the apartments, their facilities and the points values will be made available to you in the very near future.

In addition, during the company-wide recent review, it became evident that one resort in particular was more expensive to operate than others, and furthermore was not as popular with members as our other locations. This resort is Carlton Court in London which, as you can imagine, is expensive to run because of its city location. Analysis of a number of years’ reservations established that the resort was not well utilized by members, possibly because of the myriad of hotel choices in such a large city and the related costs involved in such a stay. It was therefore proposed that this resort be taken out of the Club Sunterra Trust and European Resort Collection.

Please let me assure you that this decision has not been taken lightly and has involved a strict process to ensure that the proposal is fair. FNTC, the Trustees of Club Sunterra, was consulted and agreed that the proposal was in the members’ best interest. There followed a Club Sunterra Board meeting attended by all Board members, including your elected member representatives John Davey and Harry Taylor. After what I understand was a lengthy and considerable discussion there was unanimous agreement by the Board to sanction this proposal as well as to include the new rooms at Broome Park Mansion House.

In recent months I have written and spoken with many of you, explaining how I am committed to improving resorts and services for the members. The addition of the Broome Park Mansion House apartments to THE Club is just one example, while the withdrawal of Carlton Court will help facilitate some of the initiatives planned for the future of Diamond Resorts International®.

In terms of booking, the Broome Park Mansion House apartments will be available for your reservations later this year. All existing reservations for Carlton Court will be honored and those members will be contacted individually.

I hope you are happy with the new addition to the UK Resort Collection, and that you can understand why the decision has been made to withdraw Carlton Court. I am looking forward to new and exciting times with Diamond Resorts International® and am committed to keeping you informed of future changes.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen J. Cloobeck
Chairman & CEO
Diamond Resorts International

3865 West Cheyenne Avenue, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032 • 702.804.8600 tel • 702.804.8601 fax • diamondresorts.com