Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All Diamond Resorts now added to the website

I have spent the last couple of days adding all the Diamond resorts to the resort report area I have copied over the last couple of resort reports from the old site and where I could I have done it as the person who sent the report in so that you can go in and edit your own resort reports. If you have sent a resort report in the last couple of years please do go and see if yours is in the new Resort Reports and if not please go to the Old Site Resort Reports and copy and paste your report into the new resort reports area.

This especially applies if you have added an Interval International resort report as I haven't added those it took me so long to add all the Diamond resorts in I thought I would leave it to you to add the Interval reports. Go on have a go it will be good practice for your next resort report!

When you go to the reports area, do take the time to have a good look around to see how it works as there is a lot there that you can use when adding your own resort reports including reading all the recently added reports etc.

One little quirk with the resort reports, when you first log into the site it is best to go to the Resort Gallery or the Members forums before going to the resort reports we don't know why yet but sometimes you get a "You don't have permissions message" coming up if you go straight to the resort reports. If going to the forums doesn't solve it just click on the little login link on the resort report page and that should solve it in the future. We are looking at it to find out why it is happening

If you have been into the Members forums lately you will have seen several members with a "Countdown" to their next holiday, if you want one of these go to the "How To's" forum and the instructions for adding your countdown is there along with instructions for lots of the other new features on the site.

In the forums we now have a thank you button if a post has been useful to you and as well as the normal quote button there is a little button with "Quote" marks that allows you to multi quote from several messages if that is applicable. Oh and don't forget my offer to create an avatar for you from your own picture if you don't have the tools to resize and crop pictures yourself, just email me the picture and I will sort it out for you.

Keep those resort reports coming and don't forget to add your pictures to the new gallery.

Happy Holidays

Tony Pearce