Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Letters from Marty Kandel

I have received 3 letters from Marty Kandel to post for members to read.

The first is a letter explaining the rationale behind the recent levy and in this letter Marty recognises that there are members who for reasons of age or health or change of financial circumstances are no longer able to use their points or pay the management fees. Members have been given 30 days if they should choose to do so to give back their points at no cost to them, normally management fees etc would have to be up to date.

This letter can be found using this link.


The second letter gives the best explanation of how the various parts of Diamond work and how the the various parts interlink that I have ever read. I urge everyone to read this.


Finally there is a letter that deals with communications between members and Diamond and to my mind shouldn't need sending assuming we are all nice decent people but I know that there have been those who have been extremely rude to Diamond staff and this is totally unacceptable in any society.


I urge all members to read these letters it will give you a greater understanding and should you wish to dispose of your points the opportunity you need but remember this is a time linked offer!

Tony Pearce