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Tony’s guide to eating and drinking on the Golf del Sur

Tony's guide to eating and drinking on the Golf del Sur

(LAST UPDATED SATURDAY 4th of June 2016)

Click Here for a printable version of the guide.

Knowing that we love it out here on the Golf del Sur people are often asking me for recommendations for restaurants and bars so I thought I would try and put something together hopefully it will be useful to someone.

At the top of the Golf del Sur as you meet the one way system. The first turning is into the Golf del Sur Golf Club where you can get drinks and a bite to eat etc but it is a bit expensive being a golf club. Turning left at the main road you can walk down to San Blas (I will cover San Blas later) but for ease of navigation I will follow the one way system.

As you follow the one way system you come to a big round glass building which is our new Medical Centre and Pharmacy. Within the same building is "Excellent Medical" where they have general doctors and various specialists covering most areas of medicine there is also a dentist and optician as well as beauty treatments etc.

Also within the medical centre building next to the pharmacy there is a very nice little cafe, a nice little place to stop for coffee or a bite of breakfast or afternoon tea.

If you turn left at the Medical centre and go around the right hand bend you will see on your left the reception for Las Adelfas II, If you go down the side of reception towards the pool you will find "The Waterfall". This is an excellent restaurant and bar run by a lovely family. The bar is open from 10am to 11pm everyday, breakfasts, lunches and snacks are available and a full restaurant menu available in the evenings. The food is excellent and definitely recommended we eat here quite often as it is also our local. The staff are great and always make you feel welcome. Sunday afternoons there is entertainment from 4pm to around 7pm we always have a good time and the atmosphere is brilliant. Wednesday evenings there is a quiz at 8pm we nearly always eat in the restaurant and enjoy the quiz. Thursday evenings they offer 2 courses for €13  including entertainment also very popular.

If you go back to the main road and continue walking around the one way system there is an entrance on your left to the Palms where there is a nice bar with a restaurant. The Palms have cabaret on some nights of the week. Tell Babs the owner that Tony sent you! (922738809)

Following the one way system down will lead you to Grandee O'Donnell's on the left, a good Irish bar with a lot of sports on television, they seem to have up to 4 different sports on the numerous televisions all at the same time but only sound from one sport thank goodness. They also have cabaret on in the evenings. Grandee's have now started serving food, I think Thursdays is Steak night and Mondays is Curry night. The food is good and very reasonable too!

Across the road from Grandee O'Donnell's is small supermarket that is open from 7:30am until about 11pm. Behind the supermarket there are another couple of bars, Sundowners, Legends and the Caddy Shack.

As you go down the one way system on your left is the road to Sunningdale one of the Club de Costa resorts, if you go in and have a look around you will see their restaurant "Zachary's", a nice restaurant with entertainment most nights of the week. Next to this road is a big plot of land with a big sign that is currently advertising Zachary's restaurant.

Anyway just after this plot is another road on the left that leads down to an excellent bar/restaurant called "The Mill" the menu is good and very competitively priced. We have eaten here a few times and found the food to be excellent and big meals very good value! The Food is typical pub food but good portions.

A little further around the one way system and on your right you will find the Winter Gardens, you can walk through the Winter Gardens to get to the Marina area near Santa Barbara. The restaurant at the Winter Gardens "Rendezvous" is run by the same people who run the bowls (922 738602) excellent menu and good prices in what is now a very nice and classy restaurant highly recommended! Nice friendly service and you may well remember Amanda and Stuart who both used to work at Tasca Macos at Sunset View. Below the restaurant overlooking the bowling rinks is the Bowls bar and Bistro where they do good food all day long (excellent breakfasts) and in the evenings they have a nice varied menu and the food is very good indeed they are also having entertainment on some evenings downstairs in the Bistro.

The bowling itself is great fun and can be booked by calling in to the bowls reception next to the bar or by telephoning 0034 922 738683 or by emailing

If you have bowled before it is 11€ each for 2 hours plus 1.50€ to hire a set of bowls and 1.50€ for shoe hire. If you haven't bowled before I recommend booking for the Wednesday 11am special price session which includes Coaching a game and the hire or bowls & shoes followed by lunch for just 20€ each!

Continue to the end of the road and the road to the right leads down to Santa Barbara! (If you turn left and left again The Mill is at the top of that road too). When staying or just visiting at Santa Barbara you have the choice of the Pool Bar or the restaurant upstairs but the nicest place to relax and have a drink is the Ocean Breeze bar just after you walk through reception. The bar has been very tastefully done and overlooks the resort and the ocean. For those wanting a drink later on with some entertainment the old Disco has been refurbished and is now called the W Pub. The pool bar is good for snacks & happy hour of course! The restaurant upstairs is a "Melrose"restaurant. Not eaten there yet but had a couple of good reviews.

If you walk out of reception at Santa Barbara and turn left you will find after a short walk, La Marina (922738049), Bistro 27 and a bit further on the Golden Bay Chinese (922738447), you can also walk up to Rendezvous through the Winter Gardens from here too.

It is also possible to walk down to the Marina area down a windy path red paved path by the side of the Aguamarina apartments that leads down to the restaurants along the sea front

(If you were staying at Santa Barbara it would be easier to go down to the Pool area and go through the gate and turn right as this also leads down to the Marina area. Just outside the gate there is a new Beach bar where they do drinks and a few snacks.)

When you are at the bottom of the slope if you turn left along the path towards Santa Barbara at the end of all the restaurants and shops there is a new bar / cafe called Lava Bar. (You can also find it by leaving Santa Barbara by the pool exit and turning right along the path the Lava Bar is the first place you come to) They make excellent home made cakes, cornish pasties and pies. During the day it is a cafe but in the evenings it changes to a nice Italian restaurant.

As you walk down you will find several restaurants, including a Mexican Mis Cuates (922736501) an Indian Nawaab, Trasmallo Steakhouse (922708247) La Marina II (922708198) most of them we haven't eaten at recently but they have seemed busier lately so maybe they are much improved. Two that do stand out are Sakura (922738393) and Harbour Lights (922736677). Sakura is a restaurant where they serve a range of dishes from Thai to Chinese to Japanese. If you want a really lovely meal go into Sakura and tell Jimmy that Tony sent you and you want Tepanyaki! At the back of the restaurant they have a Tepanyaki area which seats only about 16 people, this is without doubt our favourite restaurant on the Golf. At the Tepanyaki we order depending on how many of us there are, typically Fillet steak, Chicken, Duck, Sea Bass & King Prawns, a couple of portions of Fried Rice, one Noodles and one Vegetables mmm lovely my mouth is watering now just thinking about it!

The food is cooked in front of you on the Tepanyaki plates and the smells and flavours are to die for and watching the chef cook is an experience in itself and not to be missed!

Harbour Lights is further around towards the Harbour, they do a typically English menu but cooked very well with home made food and everything is always fresh and very tasty tell John the owner that Tony recommended you.

Going back up to the one way system from Santa Barbara there are a few restaurants within easy walking distance including a small Italian "Golf Park" (922738136) on the corner. A few yards down trom the Italian past the charity shop is 
"Tapas 'n' Chill", and this is really good, it is only a small restaurant with around 12 tables, the menu makes your mouth water and the food lives up to expectations every time. We usually go in parties of 4 or 6 and order two Tapas each which we all share. That will be plenty of food and I am sure you will enjoy it.

At the end of the block between the first block and the second is a little windy path that leads up to Mamma Roma's (922738098) an excellent Italian restaurant, we have eaten here a lots of times and really enjoyed the food and the surroundings.

On the next block there is "Dabda's" a very nice Tapas and Wine bar, we had lunch there with four friends and the food was very nice indeed, they have expanded into the shop next door and whilst it isn't cheap the reports I have had is that the food is very good so well worth a visit. There are 2 more restaurants the Polynesian Isles and the Aberdeen Steak House. Recent reports are pretty good and certainly very cheap 3 courses for 7.95€!

If you are walking then before that if you turn right down towards El Nautico a nice looking apartment block with an outside bar and a restaurant now named "Azzurro", The restaurant itself and the setting are outstanding and from what I hear the food is very good the chef/owner has come from a restaurant in Los Abrigos.

Continue walking passing a nice Ice cream shop and up the slope you will come to San Blas, this is also an easy walk from RTCC. On your left opposite San Blas is my favourite resort Sunset View.

The restaurant at Sunset View is Island Spirits where they offer very good food during the day and in the evenings, I can recommend this place we have eaten there and found it excellent with lovely service from Ian and Nicola the owners. They have a special steak night on Monday's where they do two Fillet steaks and a bottle of wine for €30. On Thursdays they have a special menu with excellent entertainment and a really nice friendly atmosphere.

Opposite Sunset View before you get on to the top square there is a little restaurant / takeaway called Bibo where they serve Caribbean food which is excellent I had Curried Mutton the other day and it was so tasty cooked for hours served with rice and a lovely sauce delicious and cheap too!

The top square hosts a number of restaurants and entertainment 7 nights a week. You have the Great Wall a very good Chinese restaurant, Inside the top square there is entertainment every night, we have Jo Cassidy who is our compère nearly every night as well as a good caberet act at around 9.30pm.

Next to the Great Wall is a new restaurant yet to be named, it should be opening in July 2016, it has been bought by a Spanish couple, no idea what sort of food they will be serving but will find out and post it when I know.

Next to the new restaurant is Magnums Wine Bar, nice place for a drink before or after your meal at one of the many restaurants. Next to that is "The Emerald Lounge" an Irish bar that opened has been open for a couple of years, one of our favourite places to stop for a drink. Next door is "Black Magic" another bar we go to occasionally. Opposite the Great wall is the Tavern a popular place for a pre-dinner or post-dinner drink. Next to the Tavern is another bar that is currently being refurbished I will post what it is when it opens. Next door is Arcadia an excellent restaurant and one of our favourite places to eat at any time of day. The food is excellent and the staff lovely. Next door to Arcadia is J'R's Sports bar, this has recently been split to a restaurant "Country Kitchen" and a sports bar next door great for football lovers.

As you walk down towards the middle square you will pass the Kohinoor (922738828) and next to that is the Taj (922738801), we have now eaten at both of these Indian restaurants and they are both good if you like Indian food.

On the middle and biggest of the squares there are 3 restaurants La Opera, "55" and a new Slovakian restaurant "La Martima" we have eaten there a few times and the food is lovely. Next to La Martima is La Cava an Italian restaurant.

On the right you will find Nutters, a nice little restaurant and great for Breakfast as is La Taberna which is just off the main road at the front near Hiperdino Express.

Next to La Taberna is "Electra" I have received glowing reports about the food here but not tried it myself yet, no doubt we will get round to it one of these days.

At the bottom of the middle square there is a restaurant that offers typical Canarian food, not tried it yet but seems quite popular.

To the right of The Bar is the new "Haweli" Indian restaurant it has been refurbished with a new kitchen. We have eaten here several times with friends and it is excellent, when we can't be bothered cooking or going out we get a takeaway from Haweli (922 738209) or The Taj.

On the bottom square we have "Hatties" overlooking the ocean they are a daytime only coffee shop where they make their own lovely cakes and pastries. They are open from 9am until 5pm and closed on Tuesdays. Great place to go for coffee or afternoon tea.

Near the church you have "Bar 180" obviously a darts theme with reasonably priced drinks quite a few locals drink here.

On the back road the first place you come to is Taboo's a night club for the young ones amongst us. They are running Taboo's as an Italian restaurant during the evening until midnight when it becomes a nightclub again. They have done a brilliant job on the restaurant side and most of the locals are calling it La Strada at Taboo's as Marcello the chef who worked at La Strada is now running the restaurant and the food is lovely and very well priced. They have a takeaway Pizza place attached that I understand is good if you like Pizza!

Next to the Taboo's is Gullivers Steak House, excellent food but can be a bit slow but hey you are on holiday right! Always worth checking out the specials mmm. Definitely need to book for this (922738303).

Next to Gullivers is the Wok Direct Chinese (922738381)Currently Closed

El Inti the Peruvian restaurant is closed.

Simpsons (922738456) is what used to La Strada is currently closed.

Pate de Oro (922738482) is open and serving fantastic Tapas or main courses so we can heartily recommend eating there.

If you now go back to continue up the one way system there is a road on the left to Fairways Village where they have two restaurants, the first you come to is Buon Italia a fairly new Italian restaurant that gets good reports. Just behind down some steps is the Oasis Bistro (922738985). Good food and friendly service, we have eaten there a few times and it has always been very good.

Walking back to the one way system and turning left up the slope there is a road to the right which takes you to Royal Tenerife Country Club, they have a pool bar which is ok if you are staying there. On the outside of the complex next to receptions is "Café Med" specials every night excellent food and service. I asked Lesley the owner to send me details of their hours etc and they are: -
We are open Tuesday to Sunday and closed Mondays.
We open from 10am until 11pm.
We serve a full breakfast and lunch menu from 10am until 5pm & then switch to our evening menu which is served until 10pm.
We also offer a takeaway service.
We offer specials most nights including fresh fish, homemade pies, pork chop & chicken & chorizo.
We try to accommodate any requests from our customers and as we shop and make everything daily, we are happy to fulfil any request we can.
Our menu already has items suitable for those who are gluten free but with advance notice we can fully cater for this.

We offer free wifi to customers and we show all sports live.
Telephone: 922 738 063

That is just about it for now all of this without leaving the Golf del Sur that can't be bad can it! Nearby you have Los Abrigos for lovely fish restaurants and numerous other places to visit, restaurants to eat at and bars to drink at but that is another story.

If you travel off the golf up to Las Chafiras near the roundabout at the opposite end of the block to McDonalds is an oriental restaurant "Shan" they do fantastic Duck served various ways and all are delicious, definitely one of our favourite restaurants.

I hope this is useful for anyone coming out to the Golf del Sur. If you try any of the restaurants tell them that you got the recommendation from Tony's Guide.

Happy holidays

Tony Pearce


polremy said...

Thanks for a very thorough guide to eating and drinking on the Golf del Sur.
We arrive on Wednesday, just in time for dinner.
Only problem is, we don't know which place to choose now.

David said...

Great blog Tony did not realise I had eaten in so many places on the golf, also a lot I have not tried yet, I will make a serious effort to remedy that in a few weeks time.

Unknown said...

Hi Tony
We were in the Golf del sur first week of Nov. staying at SB. We have been before and been to some of the places you mention, we went to Angus Steak House, a bit nervous but what an improvement very happy with it now.
Did try to go to Big Al’s as we had not been there but it was closed it was lunchtime?
Went to some of the better ones, Tapas bar at San Blas and Gulliver’s, in fact I think you were in there that night, we were the group of 5 with our Grandson next to your table, did not want to talk shop as you were on a night out etc.

Next time we go will make an effort to try the others as it all gets a bit the same going to the same places. Keep it going very useful.

Paul & Karen

L Grady said...

Great Guide

L Grady said...

Happy New Year.

Thanks for a great guide. We were at Golf del Sur for Xmas & New Year and had a fantastic time as usual. This was our fourth time and we hope to be there again this year.

We were very surprised to find so many places we had not been to before and found the guide very valuable.

We went all the old familiar places and they were just as good as ever, Country Kitchen, Great Wall, Palms and (our local) the Tavern.

We tried quite a few new ones. Lathams (old Big Al's) have a lovely couple who make you feel very welcome and great food.

The new Big Al's we felt had lost a bit of atmosphere since moving to bigger/better premises but as usual the food was spot on.

The Tepanyaki at Sakura was a great experience. We can recommend the Japanese banquet and the chef also entertains you whilst cooking the lovely food, you do need to book.

The two new ones are now open and both looked to be doing well (Magnums Wine Bar and the sister restaurant of Harbour Lights).

Once again thank you for your great guide.

Linda & Dave

ps. Tony,
Thank for your help via email prior to our stay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
Very much appreciate all your effort as you've wetted our appetites for our 1st visit to the area. We weren’t too sure what to expect, we were concerned it might be too urbanized and lacking atmosphere ~ now reading your info we're really excited! We also feel sure you’ve saved us from bad dining experiences! - We fly on 3.9.10 and have a week at Sunningdale but are coming to TTCC in May. It's great to have personal info on places. Google earth looks great too. So a big thank you.
John & Jo
North Yorkshire

Anonymous said...

Was at SV over New Year. Las Pergalas is owned by a Belgian couple and serves crepes, both savoury and sweet at lunchtime. In the evening they serve 'fondue' - not quite the fondue that we might know, but pieces of meat or fish which you place on skewers and cook in a herb-flavoured pot in front of you. Very nice! We also used Ocean's Edge and the food was fantastic though expensive. Pata De Oro also fantastic for Tapas - we were there on New Year's Eve, brilliant!

Unknown said...

We will be returning to SB in June after a gap of 11 years so expect to see many changes in the area. The guide to eating & drinking will be very useful - but Tony, would be very grateful if you could get it into a printable format so I can take it with me!!! Lol - but seriously, worth consideration perhaps when you are twiddling your thumbs on a wet afternoon?
Regardless, very many thanks for a useful and informative guide ... all that research must have been exhausting! Kind regards, Christine

Unknown said...

No problem with a printable version just email me with your email address and I will send you a copy that you can print. Or you could try this link which should give you a version in word.

Hope that helps.


CHRIS said...

Thank you for the printable guide which I have already printed off. We can't wait to get to Sta Barbara on 17th June and start working our way through your recommendations.

Mike said...

This is a very useful guide, but I suggest that it needs updating to include what in my opinion (and in that of many others) is actually the best restaurant not just in Golf Del Sur but also in the whole of Tenerife. This is Electra, on the edge of the San Blas complex opposite Sunset View. Have a look at the reviews on Trip Advisor for more details.
Best wishes

Unknown said...

Good point Mike, I know it does need updating I will be updating it very soon just waiting for a couple of reviews and then I will get it updated.

Olly said...

Hi Tony, thanks for the update, as usual you have done a thorough job and it gives a very accurate reflection of what is on offer.

Patricia said...

The restuarant/bar at "Sunset View" is now "Little Italy". We have just come back from there and although we did not eat in there, one holiday maker told us that the steak was the best they had ever had ( altough a bit was well worth it). Also a pint of local cerverza was just 1.50 euro.

the_smithfamily said...

Cafe Med update at RTCC
This is now owned and run by Anne Gregory. This Easter we have received a fabulous welcome and hospitality from Anne. At present it is open for Eats / Drinks from 5pm till late. Anne will be opening from end of June till end of Sept all day. 10 out of 10 for everything and also a very good WiFi signal !

Beverley said...

if anyone is going to Santa Barbara you must try the half board offer at Little Italy.It is unbelievable value for money.Can work out as little as about £11 per day if you book 6 days!The food is amazing,staff attentive and so friendly. Cannot praise them highly enough!!

Anonymous said...

Great guide - in my opinion the Golf Park Italian is exceptional and Brisas del Mer at Sun Blas is also fantastic and very good value for money. Santa Barbara restaurant is a lovely restaurant with good food but the service is dire (apparently there have been many complaints about the service according to the concierge but nothing ever changes). Will definitely try Little Italy at Sunset View on our next visit in June.

steakhouse said...

Thanks for your helpful guide...........i think it is a great job ....because sometime we fall in a problem to find a restaurant so now your guide help us.............

Unknown said...

Thanks for the guide Tony, we are arriving on 2 weeks on Saturday, and as this is our first 14 night stay (we did stay at the Sandos san blas for 5 days over xmas)this guide is fantastic.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the kind comments glad so may people are finding the guide useful. I have today 24th of August 2013 just updated the guide with some new information.

Ian R said...


Is the bar still open where everyone congregated on a Sunday afternoon - can't remeber the date but from memory it was before you reached the Palms

Unknown said...

Hi Ian, that will be the Waterfall which is still very busy every Sunday afternoon from 4:30pm onwards see you there probably.

Ian R said...


Thanks - we are at Sunset View from 27.12.13 to 12.01.14 - you will deffinitelly see Linda and I at the waterfall.

ESP said...

Hi Tony, we are not strictly DRI members, but will be staying at the Royal Tenerife Country Club through RCI this Easter. Somehow I stumbled across your comprehensive guide after trawling Trip Advisor, etc. I am very impressed with the effort you have put in. Thank you in advance for this reference source - I hope we can put it to good use during our week.
Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

Super ! my wife, Jacqui , daughter and grandchildren are at the golf in a few weeks first visit,so thanks for the advice !

shaun/jacqui Fitz said...

Super ! my wife, Jacqui , daughter and grandchildren are at the golf in a few weeks first visit,so thanks for the advice !

ESP said...

Hi Tony, it's scary how time flies and how good intention falls by the wayside. I had intended to drop a message to say thanks again for your feature long before this. We visited the GdS at Easter 2014, staying at the RTCC through RCI for a week. The on-site bistro at the RTCC and also The Rendezvous were both excellent in their own ways and I can only blame the rest of my party's lack of enthusiasm for venturing further afield on not trying other suggestions. Both establishments catered well for my wife's gluten free diet, which partially explains why we didn't go elsewhere.
Having become members of DRI, ironically, it may be that the new choice of resorts means we never return to Tenerife to sample more recommendations!

the_smithfamily said...

New restaurant review at Santa Barbara (Feb 2016) The resort is great but wanted to review the new restaurant that has opened in the resort this week (Feb 2016). The location is upstairs where Little Italy used to be. Myself and my wife had Fillet steak with a mushroom sauce and a Roquefort sauce served with Canarian potatoes and chips (lots of choice of side dishes priced individually). The presentation was good and came with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, steak size was huge. ( There is a refrigerated glass cabinet in the restaurant showing the uncooked variety of steaks available ). We were so full we didn't sample desserts. However the Chef is baking to order a birthday cake for our daughters birthday to pick up the next day.

Bruce MacDonald. said...

Hi Tony, great walk through you have provided and also invaluable for me as we are coming to Golf del sur for the first time and its over Christmas, we are a family of 6 so we are very grateful for your insight into the local eateries. I am unsure though if there are plenty of restaurants which are indeed open over Christmas and can you also recommend any particular restaurant for a Christmas day meal.
regards Bruce.

Unknown said...

Bruce, nearly every restaurant will be open on Christmas Day I would try the rendezvous, the waterfall or Arcadia probably best to try and book early as many will already be booked up. There is always the restaurant at Santa Barbara they will be doing something and may not be booked up yet.

ESP said...

Hi Tony, just a quick message to say that the Cafe Med, just outside the RTCC, is now being reviewed on Tripadvisor as under new management. It's also open on Saturdays. Reviews seem generally favourable.

We will be visiting the area in 2018 but aren't likely to venture to the RTCC since we have a two-centre stay at Sunset View and then Santa Barbara, but I hope we can make good use of your guide as the basis for eating out locally.