Friday, January 30, 2009

Club Class Concierge sixteen people arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Hi everyone, I have received this news from Diamond's Legal department and the OTE (Organisation for Timeshare in Europe.
Towards the end of January, the Spanish police raided the offices of Global Vacations Limited, a marketing company selling Club Class Concierge holiday club membership, arresting sixteen people on suspicion of fraud.

Victims of this alleged fraud will have been approached by resale company ETOO telling them that a buyer had been found for their points or week. They would have been told that the transaction would have to be concluded in person in Malaga. Once there the owners were met by Global Vacations Limited representatives who try to sell them Club Class Concierge membership. This may well have been alongside a cash-back offer through CashBack Europe Plc.

To assist the authorities in Spain with their investigations, evidence is now required from timeshare owners and the purpose of this email is to call on OTE members to inform their staff, post messages on their websites or their newsletters to encourage as many victims as possible come forward. A case can only be built up if sufficient evidence is provided!

In this instance, rather than forwarding complaints to OTE’s enforcement team in Spain, we have been informed that evidence should be sent to the complainant’s local European Consumer Centre, details of which can be found on the ECC website: -

Photocopies of all documents, a brief statement providing details about their case and photocopies of proof of payments made should be provided.

UK based consumers should send their complaints to:

European Consumer Centre
1 Sylvan Court, Sylvan Way
Southfields Business Park
Essex SS15 6TH

Tel: 08456 04 05 03
Fax: 08456 08 96 00

OTE is issuing a press release on Monday to coincide with a similar release issued by the UK’s Office of Fair Trading. We also understand that BBC Watchdog is planning to report the raids in its programme on Monday 2nd of February at 19h30.