Friday, January 30, 2009

Club Class Concierge sixteen people arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Hi everyone, I have received this news from Diamond's Legal department and the OTE (Organisation for Timeshare in Europe.
Towards the end of January, the Spanish police raided the offices of Global Vacations Limited, a marketing company selling Club Class Concierge holiday club membership, arresting sixteen people on suspicion of fraud.

Victims of this alleged fraud will have been approached by resale company ETOO telling them that a buyer had been found for their points or week. They would have been told that the transaction would have to be concluded in person in Malaga. Once there the owners were met by Global Vacations Limited representatives who try to sell them Club Class Concierge membership. This may well have been alongside a cash-back offer through CashBack Europe Plc.

To assist the authorities in Spain with their investigations, evidence is now required from timeshare owners and the purpose of this email is to call on OTE members to inform their staff, post messages on their websites or their newsletters to encourage as many victims as possible come forward. A case can only be built up if sufficient evidence is provided!

In this instance, rather than forwarding complaints to OTE’s enforcement team in Spain, we have been informed that evidence should be sent to the complainant’s local European Consumer Centre, details of which can be found on the ECC website: -

Photocopies of all documents, a brief statement providing details about their case and photocopies of proof of payments made should be provided.

UK based consumers should send their complaints to:

European Consumer Centre
1 Sylvan Court, Sylvan Way
Southfields Business Park
Essex SS15 6TH

Tel: 08456 04 05 03
Fax: 08456 08 96 00

OTE is issuing a press release on Monday to coincide with a similar release issued by the UK’s Office of Fair Trading. We also understand that BBC Watchdog is planning to report the raids in its programme on Monday 2nd of February at 19h30.


Unknown said...

Hi Tony,
I got involved with c/class
about seven years ago in lanzarote,
paid so much up front to get a good return through reclaim(bigger scam)they found one thing was wrong with my claim so as not to pay out, i am led to beleive all claims are the same.
Another resale
scam is travelworldworldwide,apdocorreo86
avda antoniomachado, benalmadena costa 29630, malaga. emails phones are a waste of time no one has taken a call this year,tried every day to no avail,these people i found out since have no authority to sell dri points.
good luck bilko008

kevan said...

Hi Tony I was coned by a firm called TERRANOVA in 2006 it also cost me a lot of money thay were selling club class
I was in tenerife last week and was aproched by a firm called
OCEAN ASSOCIATES trying to sell RCI points thay wanted to sell me 40.000 points for £16,000 pounds
last year I was told by RCI that fore my time share and £3,000 i could get a quater of a million points RCI know nothing about this

creditcruncher said...

Hi Tony, I wish I had found your blog before I was conned by ETOO in December. They say there's no fool like an old fool.My bank is currently investigating this fraud for me.

roxanne said...

HELP!! my mum and dad are on holiday in benidorm where they were approached by someone with a scratch card! supprise suprise they sratched it off and won a free holiday, they went to a presentation which took 2 hours and recieved vouchers for there free holiday all they have to pay is £60 charges and flights on top...the free holiday is to tenerife for a week.

they then learned that the presentation was to join a club called club class concierge!! after listening to what the salesman had to say and reading through the entire terms and conditions my dad has decieded to join..

hes paid £1000 deposit on credit card and now has to pay £3000 within a month of getting back from benidorm...for what he has paid they have promised him that he can book as many holidays as he wants in the year to any place at any time...which sounds pretty good... he also gets a free cruise for 2 people and his free holiday to tenerife

he rang me to ask me what i think about it and i dont no how to advise him....i used to work for diamond resorts which is another holiday club that people were convinced was a scam.....may i reassure people that it isnt

i have read up on forums and the club class concierge website and have found many bad reviews BUT these reviws have come from people that have NOT joined the club and only people that have been to the presentation......

i need someone to help me, preferably someone that has been on there holidays and that are members so i can decide whether or not to explain to my dad to cancel his membership before he gives away any money!!!!

working with diamond resorts many people have been sceptical about it, but it was genuinly a good club...the people writing all the bad reviews have not experienced the holidays and are not members so there posts do not help me at all

if anyone could shed some light on the matter i would be extremely grateful as this club will need to be cancelled within 14 days to ensure we get our money back thankyou

xx roxanne xx

Jess´s Blog said...

I dont think you need to worry Roxanne. I have been a member with them since my trip to Benidorm 3 years ago and they are really good. They have so many benifits that i havent even used half of them. All my family are members now and it is definitly money well spent. Im sure your dad would have read everything carefully and seen just how good Club Class Concierge really are!

tim scarratt said...

Hello roxanne,
now listen tell your dad to get his money back don't pay any more it's all a big con.
I fell for it nearly six Years ago from benidorm scatch card all that paid altogether £5,800 and was told after 5 years would get £5,000 back , got free holiday to Tenerife which had to pay flights when got there was a big time share place and was pestered to by time shares all the time that's why they give you the holiday.
Using club class for flight I would I could get cheaper on the net and was to much phonned them and getting talked aload of crap off them, so just thought would wait for my give years up and claim well it's up two weeks ago and can't claim as club class say it's nothing to do with them and they got rid off the people from benidorm and they don't do people with scatch cards selling club class anymore
can you try and get there details as I need to see a solicitor now as I have been conned,club class have gave me phone numbers to try but am not getting anywere
please tell your mum and dad don't be a dumb arse like me and don't listen to anyone else they might be working for club class let me know how you get on tim scarratt

Anonymous said...

Hi i bougt a club class membership wit a cashback from a person called paul duff, of course i recieved not a penny back, can i have some information what i can do?

susan said...

hi can anyone tell me if they have or know about and ITRA as soon as possible as i have signed a contract and i dont know if they are just scamming me i have 3 days left to come up with the rest of the money so can anyone help me asap please

Anonymous said...


Joined CCC in Benidorm three years ago and paid them £4000. However, felt it was a scam the way that we had been sold the package. Turned the matter over to our Trading Standards who agreed that we had been mis-sold the product. TS then took the matter to the Spanish TS. Eventually, behold we got all our money back. Since then we have been bombarded with phone calls from the free holiday firms asking why we have not taken up any of the offers. Recently we have received phone calls from CCC? asking if we want to sell our membership. Today I spoke with a young woman named Lucy Brook (0844 8228128) informing that they had a buyer (Mrs McGuire)for £8000 and went through what they needed me to do. The forms would be sent out in the post and I had to provide an international banking number so that she would put the £8000 in my bank account. Almost at the end of the conversation she asked me for a security payment of 1300 euros until I had signed over the membership. However, I informed her that I did not have the money and did not use a credit card. She then suggested that the security could be reduced to 600 euros. Still I told her that we did not have the money required. When it was suggested that they? could hold onto the £8000 until I had signed over the membership she said the security payment was for our security and by law? they had to pay the full payment over before I signed the paperwork. Is this another one of CCC's scams?

John No1 said...

I was approached in Benidorm, Spain on holiday in Dec 05 with a scratch card and was told that I had won a prize. I was whisked off to a sales office to collect it and after 6 hours and near exhaustion signed up for Club Class Holidays at a cost of over £6000 and £5000 of which was to be returned after 5 Years. I used the travel company once to go on holiday and found that when checking out that Club Class had not paid the bill and there was a great deal of unpleasantness.. I thought it best to maintain the contract for the five years and have paid a yearly subscription of £125 for the last 5 years. I paid £1200 initially with my VISA Bank Card and the remainder by Electronic Bank Transfer when I got home. Club Class were never off the phone to me until this was done saying I had entered into a contract and would take action against me if I did not pay up. I visited my Bank for advise but they were not helpful and said that there was nothing that could be done I have sent the redemption certificate in for the money in January 2011 but have heard nothing from Club Class. When I ring them they say that no one is in the office and they will ring back which they never do. I did at one point contact a Solicitor on line who said they could help but wanted 30% of any monies recovered plus costs. Could anyone help me with advice on the way forward or if I have any claim against them to get my money back

John No1

Anonymous said...

I was " conned" by club class and etoo I paid the deposit to CCC by credit card' but after investigating asked for my money back surprise, surprise no response so i claimed it back from the credit card under the consumer credit act. But got nothing from ETOO who incidentally are a sister company of Club Class.

Anonymous said...

we have recently returned from benidorm whilst there we were approached by peolpe from a company pheonix travel with a scratch card where had won either 1000 euros a free holiday or a camcorder all we had to do is go to a 90 minute presentation. we had no intention of joining anything just wanted the free prize.we have won a holiday all we need to do is fill in a form and send it off along with 25 pound for each person going. Is this a scam or will a get a free holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hi, five years ago in Javea Spain we were approached with a scratchcard merchant, won a free holiday of course, and were succored into paying £5000 to a company called loyalty and rewards.with the promise of cheap holidays through clubclass.As long as we paid an admin charge every year we would get our money back in 5 years.Today I received a short letter from loyalty and rewards telling us we hadn't posted them everything we had to on time (lies), and would now not get our money back. Hence this comment. Please dont ever get involved in anything that seams to good to be true, its a scam. It happened to me today, I am sick in my stomach. Probably some Spanish mafia involved. They hook you when you are most susceptible ,(on holiday). Scam.

Anonymous said...

Roxanne Please please please tell your mum & dad DONT DO IT. We did & are £3000 out of pocket & being menacingly hounded by a so called debt collector called philip hill to pay our yearly subs from 2006 when we stopped paying as the scam was outed on a TV program. These people are the scum of the earth Club Class has been liquidated in october.

Anonymous said...

My mother has also been scammed. They are constantly asking for money. Ive read on other sites that the company liquidated in 2009hence the consierge being added. 16 of them got arrested in spain in January when an office was raided. My mum bought into it when my dad was ill and after his death she has given them money to sell it on as they say.....shes just fessed up to whats been going on. To all you that say theyre great, you must have more money than sense !