Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DRI Announce Approved Resale agent

I have pasted below an announcement from DRI announcing that they have approved "The Travel & Leisure Group" as their only authorised third party reseller for points.


"The Founder Member is pleased to announce the appointment of The Travel & Leisure Group as an authorized third party reseller for member points.

The Travel & Leisure Group will be happy to assist you in selling your points and have authority to arrange sales on your behalf to other EU Collection members and non members.

Should you wish to sell your points using their services, you may contact them on 0800 988 7168 or submit an enquiry form on their website at The Travel & Leisure Group will discuss points resale options with you directly and will be able to assist you throughout the process.

Please note in order to start this process all maintenance fees must be up to date. Also, we must advise that at this time, in accordance with the Articles, The Travel & Leisure Group is the only authorized reseller for members of the European Collection."


I know from the questions I have received already that there are a few questions so I have put a couple of notes below that hopefully will cover any questions.

(a) Please note the management fees have to be up to date including all 2010 fees before you can ask The Travel & Leisure Group to try and sell your points.

(b) Travel & Leisure can sell to both existing members and to non-members.

(c) All points sold through The Travel & Leisure Group will be restricted points meaning they can only be used for European Collection resorts, they can't be used for US resorts, Affiliate resorts, Member benefits and they won't add to your points to move you up a tier. However if you buy more points at a later date from the sales teams then you will have the opportunity to get the resale points recognised as 'full' points.

(d) Points transfers between members will carry on being an option in the same way as before.

(a) Please note that any company phoning you to say they can buy or sell your points is trying to scam you. Only The Travel & Leisure Group can sell points for you there are NO other companies that can no matter what they tell you or how convincing they are, all they are after is your money count on it! Don't get involved with them and you won't become another victim who has lost money!

Happy holidays


Mary Newman, Sheffield said...

We are currently thinking about selling our DR points through this company. We were phoned a couple of days after filling in the request form on their website. They are suggesting a price of 30 -50p per point which is fine with us as we just want to get rid of them now that we are retired and have our own place abroad. They are asking £215 for six months advertising costs which would be refunded when the sale is completed. Do you know if anyone has successfully sold their points with them?

Unknown said...

HI Mary, I think the problem is that anyone wanting to sell has to either use this company or sell / give away their points privately to another member. Therefore there are a lot of members using this company to try and sell their points and not many people who might be interested in buying that know about this facility for doing so.

Nigel King said...

I am currently trying to sell my 5000 US Collection Sun Option Points through Travel and Leisure Group.

My 6 months paid advertising period has just expired and I phoned to see if there was any news. They claimed that they should easily be able to sell my points within that 6 months but lo and behold they now recommend that I spend another £79 to advertise for another 6 months to give them a 'nudge'.

Searches of the internet reveal that I'm not the first seller to experience this. I'm told that my advertising outlay will be reimbursed when (if) the points are sold but if they have faith in their abilities then why do they not finance the ads themselves?

I'm beginning to smell a rat which is just about par for the course as far as the timeshare 'industry' goes!

If anyone has any positive feedback on Travel and Leisure Group I would much appreciate some reassurance that I may just be able to get rid of this albatross round my neck which is called DRI.

Anonymous said...

I tried Travel and Leisure. They demand an upfront payment, which I believe is now illegal. I was told that points were selling at 60pence each, but an inspection of their web site shows points on sale at 1p. I do not trust them. I reported to Diamond, but they were unmoved. Also points sold in this way are not equivalent to points held.